All Health Student Internship Mentoring Program:

All Health Physical therapy has mentored 22 long term Physical Therapy students from the Mercer and Emory Doctoral Physical Therapy programs since January 2017 up to the current year, as well as 5 short term Physical Therapy Student and 16 undergraduate Georgia State Students for their 15 week internships from Georgia State’s Exercise Science Degree program since 2013 through the current year.

All Health New Hire Training Program:

Our Administrative staff provide excellent on the job training for our new hires to bring them up to speed in data entry, EMR software program orientation and access for insurance verification and billing portals.

All Health New DPT Graduate Professional Development Program:

Our clinical staff oversee recently graduated Physical Therapists in their career development. Our patients are scheduled specifically for one-on-one time with each PT provider. This allows newly graduated therapists as well as those wanting to hone new clinical skills the time required to deliver best quality treatment in the out patient setting. It is a WIN-WIN situation. Patients appreciate the unique and individual attention and our PT providers benefit from patient directed learning. Master Physical Therapist, Lynne Repasky, PT is on site for clinical mentoring at all levels. Our 2 Physical Therapists and 1 PTA have a cumulative experience of 55 years !