All Health Physical Therapy prides itself on being a SMALL, personable entity which has enabled us to maintain provision of ONE-ON-ONE care in treatment sessions with treatment time scheduled appropriate to the patient’s treatment diagnosis needs.

We offer many programs within the out patient PT services including:

All Health Worker’s Compensation Program:

All Health is contracted with Align, OneCall, Medrisk, Streamline, DirectPT, Builders and many others to serve your clients with the Rehab they need to get the patient back to work or allow them adaptations to their job tasks so that they remain actively employed and at work. We encourage conversations from their case managers and help to make recommendations such that Physician referrals run as efficiently as possible for complete and comprehensive care.

All Health Balance Training Program:

Patients are often referred to Physical Therapy after they fall, for the injury it incurs. We encourage those recognizing they have balance issues to sign up for the weekly Balance exercise classes with Licensed Physical Therapist Laura James DPT , or individual balance training with any of our PT Providers. These sessions are tailored to optimizing mobility and performance for preventing or minimizing slips and falls by addressing fall risk.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Program:

We have experience with and understanding of various rehabilitation protocols associated with surgical interventions including but not limited to total knee replacements, hip replacements, ACL repairs, and rotator cuff repairs. We can help safely guide you back to full function.”

All Health Athletic & Strength Training Program:

Our PT Providers treat overuse injuries, compensations, and injuries that arise from poor form. We teach strategies and techniques for soft tissue protection and joint stabilization such that getting back into your sport happens safely and in an integrated fashion resulting in better performance. We will help with targeted training specific to your sport.

All Health Vestibular Rehabilitation Program:

Our PT Providers will screen and assess your dizziness at the Initial Evaluation and if not successfully treated in 3-6 visits we are able to refer you to the best specialized therapy services in Atlanta.