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Why not hope for change to come in a positive way post COVID-19?

Today is April 20th. The hammer fell in Atlanta on March 13th. In 5 very long weeks, so much has been discussed, questioned, thought of and changed in the healthcare profession and the world pertaining to travel and entertainment in general. Along with that has come tremendous angst for our city. Will restaurants recover?, will those furloughed find jobs again? What will become of our mental health if the economy does not recover?

I want to speak to a new normal being the change we want to be....

Let's imagine medical offices not having wait times and helping to protect the public seeking care because those running fevers or rendered immobile are able to Telehealth from home. Pharmacies already can fill online or phone orders and deliver mail in requests. Those needing a doctor's consult are doing it online or by phone, and those needing X-Rays can be triaged to the appropriate testing centers.

Let's imagine those in pain being guided through a Yoga class virtually, or being given Physical Therapy strategies for pain management via audiovisual guidance through their phone or computer portal.

Let's imagine a more sophisticated society. One that respects social distancing in wait lines, walking trails, one that by an organized system of reservations allows for a seemless entry and exit at restaurants as tables turn over for the next seating arrangement.

Let's imagine that we don't work as long hours, but that we learn to do with less, spend more time at home, or doing outdoor activities, caring more for family, and the world we occupy around us.

Is it possible that we could see statistically the rate of depression and anxiety drop, the numbers needing support services decline and our medical system less stressed? A world where we continue to sleep more and enough such that the behaviour from our sleep deprived selves becomes less emotionally reactive and more compassionate of others.......

Do we really want life to return to the way it was? Let's hope instead that what changes come are accepted as being more creative and truly positive !

Lynne Repasky Physical Therapist and Owner of All Health Physical Therapy

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